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What Kind of Results Have We Achieved With This Method

Our Approach to SEO

We do things differently than 90% of SEM companies. Our approach stays ahead of the curve which is very important using old outdated methods will produce sub-par results. I would like to briefly outline what we do for our clients that sets us above the rest.

Market Research & Conversion

What are your customers looking for? This is the most important question when it comes to selling your products or services. We take input from you about your market then we combine that with our own research and competitor analysis to create a detailed marketing strategy for your brand.

We Go Beyond Keyword Research

Our approach to keyword research is beyond what most seo companies are doing. We find the pain in your market which means we figure out what problems your customers are having in your market and how your brand can solve them. We break down all keywords on a ROI basis which allows us to show you the most profitable keywords for your market.

Media Broadcasting

Incorporating social media into your marketing plan is crucial to success. We take that one step forward by broadcasting your content about you and your business across dozens of social media outlets. Our buzz building media broadcast opens up the potential for accessing customers via social media and helps improve search engine rankings across the board

Authority Branding

Would you like to be the authority in your industry? We have a developed a proprietary method of authority branding that achieves significant results. Authority places you in complete control of potential clients searching for you online. This strategy alone can increase your customer base significantly.

We Drive Revenue! We Convert Traffic Into Sales!

Apply today and start leaving your competition behind.

Why SEO Has Become Risky

Digital marketing certainly has changed over the last couple of years. For the small to medium sized business owner the landscape has certainly changed and risk has become the norm. Everytime you hire an marketing agency you risk that your company website may be tanked by some Google update or a competitor using negative SEO to tank your website. You have to hope the company you hire is doing everything right but, guess what? it does not matter if they are trying to do things correctly because Google can decide to deindex your site with a simple update of something they do not agree with anymore or a competitor can send some nasty links to your website and have Google slap you with a penalty.

Once your website tanks your whole business goes down the tubes and then you are racing to have your website fixed. The amount of time it takes to recover a website’s rankings could put you out of business by time it is fixed if it is even possible to recover the website.


The Only Solution

“What if you could take all the risks out of doing search marketing and focus on the only thing that matters?”

What matters is getting new customers and achieving excellent ROI on your investment without any risks to your company website or it’s properties. That’s what we do we are the future of internet marketing and we have taken our clients to the next level with our Performance SEO Services.

What We Offer

A highly effective strategy that reduces your marketing costs while bringing you a massive amount of leads.

Allows you to takeover your market without the risk of your branded website getting banned.

Increase your online presence through smart strategies designed to blanket your market.

What Kind of Results Have We Acheived

Case Study #1 - Junk Removal Industry

This client came to us with sub par results from another SEO company. We quickly analyzed what the other SEO company had done to make sure no damage was done. This client was offered our exclusive performance SEO services. They were able to get extraordinary results in only a short few months. Check out the stats below.

Multiple 1st page #1 rankings over large national competitor’s.
Keywords are blurred out for our client’s protection. Lots of #1 rankings for major keywords.

Website Traffic Results

Traffic results were phenomenal we were able increase visitors from 150 to over 1200 unique visitor’s per month. These results enabled our client to significantly increase revenues. In fact, our results were so impressive he informed us that we should shut down and not accept new clients.

Multiple #1 Rankings

seo case study showing rankings in junk removal industry

Amazing Website Traffic Stats

seo case study showing increase in website traffic in junk removal industry

Case Study #2 - Transportation Industry

This case study is quite amazing this was a completely brand new company in the transportation industry. No web presence, no website, nothing. We have basically built their company from the ground up with our exclusive performance SEO services. We have achieved these phenomenal results in just a few months.

Multiple 1st page #1 rankings over well established companies.

Website Traffic Results

Once again outstanding website traffic results which means $$$ for any company getting visitors. We were able to increase visitors from 200 to over 1,100 in just several months. If you are local business 1,000 plus visitors equates to a lot of revenue.

Rankings Continue to Improve

search marketing case study for transportation industry showing ranking results

Amazing Traffic Stats

case study for transportation industry showing website traffic increases

Case Study #2 - Hair Salon Industry (Large City)

This was a practically an untouched niche and we were able to dominant it within a few short months. This created significant revenue for this small business owner. Traffic numbers were through the roof along with calls for appointments. With this particular business we used our state of the art call tracking system. Our system tracks calls from any advertising source we are using. Let’s get to the juicy stats.

Multiple 1st page rankings

Website Traffic Results

Website traffic increase was substantial resulting in significant revenue increases. We are showing over a year of data for this particular client. We were able to increase traffic from 300 visitors per month to over 2,000 visitors per month in a local niche now that’s huge revenue.

Call Tracking Results

At the end of the day calls mean money. Most business’s close live calls at a 70% rate we were able to generate over 100+ live calls for this business.  At a 70 percent closing that would equate to 70 new clients a month. This industry also, had high repeat customer value so, in return those 70 new clients spent more annually. That’s called multiplying revenue.

Rankings Were Generated Quickly

case study keyword ranking results chart in the hair salon industry

Huge Increase in Traffic

internet marketing case study website traffic results for hair salon industry

Amazing Call Volume

call tracking call volume chart hair salon industry

The Good & Bad of SEO - Mistakes Could Cost You

Your brand can be ruined online if you hire the wrong company to conduct your marketing online. Many seo companies fly in with promises of high rankings and excellent results and even experienced companies are having trouble keeping up with the changes that Google implements.  Quick results are still achievable but, your website may be penalized if the process is not done correctly. Google knows how to detect unnatural patterns designed to rank websites quickly. The majority of business owners have no idea of the strategies that are being used to rank their website. Typically a lot of my calls come from clients  who have had negative impacts on their website. Because of this here are a few things you should be aware of.


Be wary of overseas companies promising fantastic cheap results. This is usually turns out bad for the business owner.

You need to get a grasp of how exactly the seo company you hire is going to help you. Make them explain it in detail. They must have a plan they can explain to you.

The ultimate red flag is a company who can not show you verifiable results. Some clients results are off limits because of NDA’s but, their should be some clients results that can be shown.

Does the seo company have good reviews or can you personally call one of their clients to inquire about the services they provide. If you cannot speak to one happy client they probably do not have any.

The Verticaleads Way

Search marketing is not just about having your website show up at the top of Google. Once that potential customer clicks on your website conversion becomes the #1 determining factor in whether or not they become your customer. Your website must be able to convert the customers into giving you a phone call or requesting more information. We have the knowledge and experience to help you convert customers as well as, position your website very high on Google. At the end of the day results matter as in increasing your customer base not rankings. We make sure you a re receiving targeted quality customers.

Be the Standout

Imagine this scenario your website is ranked very high on Google but, Guess what? You are on the page competing with a dozen other businesses. Standing out among competitors is the key factor in taking clicks away from your competition. We will analyze what your competition is doing and do an even better job plus we have methods that are designed to entice more clicks from searchers.

You should now be able to determine that this type of marketing involves a lot more than just ranking at the top of Google. The next time a marketing company calls you and proceeds to tell you how they are going to rank you on top of Google ask them “What else will you do?”

9 Must Haves

  • Long term rankings on Google using strategies that will not hurt your company website
  • Ability to track your results through detailed traffic report, ranking reports, call tracking reports and link reports
  • Conversion strategies to convert curious customers into paying customers.
  • Stand out from competitors in results. They must have methods in place to help you maximize the amount of clicks you receive from potential customers
  • Constant up to date strategies to stay in tune with Google updates
  • Has actual knowledge of the digital marketing process. You do not want a salesman handling your campaign. Companies who outsource put you at risk of penalization by Google.
  • Can show you live results they have achieved for clients
  • Offers full consultation not just a service: A service is non personal we create a partnership with out clients
  • Proper website architecture (This is very important)

Customized Reports

Customized website traffic reports will show exactly where your customers are coming from and what keywords they are using to find you. We will also, be able to determine how long your visitors are staying on your website. Reports will be furnished monthly along with the amount of unique visitors your website received.

It is important know where you started in the ranking process. This helps you track results from our SEO efforts. Each report will show you where you rank for the basket of keywords we have chosen to rank your for.

Call tracking is a unique feature that is optional for all clients. It allows you to track and record each phone call received from your website or any other web property you have. You would receive a unique tracking phone number that redirects to your business line. With call tracking you can analyze your employee sales conversations, track amount of sales received from phone calls, determine how many people are calling you from your website rankings and determine your sales to conversion success ratio.

Limitless Amount of Leads For Your Business

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. You can start receiving leads in as little as one week!