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We offer a unique strategy for local business owners looking to significantly increase business. It is our theory that the only thing that matters to business owners is bringing in new customers or clients. Being on the 1st page of Google is great but, it does not guarantee you a ton of new business. Most Cleveland SEO companies promise to get you on the first page and that is it no talk of conversion or doing other things to make you stand out among the pack of competitors.

3 Forms of Lead Generation


Pay Per Call Lead Generation

Pay per call is truly a pay as you go strategy. You only pay for verified phone calls to your business from interested customers. We incorporate a unique tracking system that you will have access to. We provide monthly reports & phone consultations.

lead generation concept map

Email Lead Generation

Some of our clients prefer email leads or a hybrid of calls and emails. We can help you select what’s best based on the business niche you are in. All form submission leads are tracked. Once a lead is submitted it is immediately emailed to you or a text message is sent to your mobile phone.

Re-Targeting Lead Generation

Re-targeting is a great way to bring back potential customers that may have not converted for you. This method of lead generation literally follows your potential lead around on the internet. Your ads will appear on popular sites they visit including Facebook, Twitter & more.

What If i Cannot Always Answer the Phone?

Most potential customers want to speak with someone right away. If you have trouble answering the phone ask about our virtual receptionist services. We can have leads sent directly to your mobile phone.

Introducing Pay Per Call Services

In a moment i will break down below my approach to helping any local business owner dominate their market online and exactly how i do it. Lead generation is the cornerstone of any business to stay afloat a business needs consistent high quality targeted leads. My lead generation and web leasing services do just that.

PPC Brings Instant Results

PPC is a way of getting new customers calling you immediately. Not many digital marketing companies are guaranteeing their results these days and the reason why is because they do not actually know what they are doing. These companies are using outsourcers from India, Philippines and other countries to do their work cheaply. The problem is these companies do not follow Google’s rules and you may rank in the beginning but, it surely will not last.

Precision Targeted Lead Generation

We utilize various local sales funnels to bring in red hot leads to your business. Our process is proprietary so, we do not give out all the intimate details but, you can be sure you will be receiving more leads then you can handle.

The Unique Benefits of Targeted Leads

When your company ranks high on Google for the keywords that someone would use to find your business in your city the lead is called a hot lead with buyer intent. We target your keywords to get the maximum amount of people searching in your area.

Their is not any farming out of our leads like some companies. All leads are exclusive to your business only

We offer an easy complete solution for tracking all of the leads we provide for you. You maybe worried about how many calls you are receiving from our services. That is something none of our clients worry about because of our state of the art tracking system that tracks and records all phone calls you receive from any web property we have developed for you. Each client has their own unique login that enables you to check all calls yourself.

Are you wondering if our services will be valuable to you? You can easily track your return on investment from our services by calculating your average take from a customer compared to your monthly lead cost or monthly service fee.

State of the art Call Tracking System

We use a detailed phone tracking system to track your results:

As a business owner you are probably wondering how much business we would be generating for you and how would you know. We have that covered with our call tracking system that time stamps, records and gives detailed information for every call you receive from web properties we have built for you. All clients have access to the system with their own user login information. All clients will receive a unique tracking number that is placed on all web properties we use to generate leads for you that number then redirects directly to your business line. With this is place it allows you to track your ROI, make sales call improvements and allows you to see live results you are receiving from our service.

How Does It Work?

  • A potential customer who is interested in your services finds one of our web properties online and calls a tracking number that redirects to your business
  • The recording begins once you answer the phone
  • Each call is time and date stamped
  • Each call provides the phone number and area of the caller
  • That’s it you now have manageable leads


Converting curious customers into paying customers is the number two most important factor in generating new customers. Once a customer calls you from one of our web properties they have already been presold on your services. You must have a sales strategy in place to complete the process once a potential customer calls. This is a crucial factor that some business owners overlook. Your employees can be the deciding factor in how much business you generate. Our phone tracking system allows you to check own employee sales conversations to make sure they are following your company guidelines for getting a new customer. We make sure we get the most clicks from interested customers by utilizing a few factors to entice customers to click on our web properties.

Pay per Call - VS - PPC (Pay per Click

Their are major benefits to using pay per call over traditional ppc advertising. One huge factor is cost savings paying for qualified calls only decreases your advertising expenses drastically.

I want to quickly point the main benefits below:

  • Pay for qualified calls only from live customers VS Paying for every click from a customer that might not call you
  • Better ROI – For a small investment you can guarantee that you have interested customers on the phone
  • All calls tracked and recorded for your benefit
  • Live customers calling you every week VS Waiting for a call to come from clicks
  • 40% to 70% Conversion ratio VS 1% to 3% conversion from PPC – That means out of 100 calls from PPC only 1-3% will convert compared to 40 calls converting from live customers.
  • What more can i say these factors should change your mind alone

Pay per Call - VS - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Pay per call and SEO have a lot of similarities but, they also have distinct differences. I will briefly explain the benefits of both below. The lead generation approach works best for the small business owners who have smaller marketing budgets because it allows you to only pay for results. Pay per call works exactly how it sounds you only pay for qualified calls you receive.

Main focus points of the pay per call model:

  • Pay as you go
  • Upfront cost a lot lower than SEO
  • Instant results if web properties are already available
  • Proven model that gets results
  • No contracts

SEO or search engine optimization creates more of a branded approach but, requires a significant amount of upfront money as well as, monthly expenses. Digital marketing services are more suited for corporations and large local companies that would like to brand their website and dominant the search engines in their industry. SEO is a long term approach used to brand your business across the internet. If you are not sure what is best for your business we offer a full consultation that will allow us to see what model best fits your company. The two points to remember is that SEO is a monthly ongoing expense model and lead gen is a pay as you go model.

I really cannot emphasize how much your business needs this going forward. Developing a web presence is essential to the growth & success of your business. If you do not get involved your competitors will. Get on board today!

Over 5000 Calls Received

chart of how many call lead generation client recieved

791 Calls Received

call volume chart for a pay per call client

1959 Calls Received

call volume chart for ppc management client

Limitless Amount of Leads For Your Business

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. You can start receiving leads in as little as one week!