Our search engine optimization services are designed to dominate your market


Our PPC services provide calls direct from potential clients to your business


Authority Networks

Authority stacks build trust and domain authority to your online properties


Our social authority stacking methods combine content and syndication


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In as little as one week we can have new customers calling your business! Our professional lead generation services are guaranteed to increase your revenues. The old way of doing search engine optimization has changed!

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Over 7 years in digital marketing experience.

Customer Growth

Our services increase your customer base significantly. New customers are the lifeblood of any business. We use the latest cutting edge strategies to drive traffic to your business.

No Contracts

Pay as you go is our motto. We offer performance based services their is no need for contracts.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is our expertise. We know how to rank in the Google snack pack and dominate organic search engine rankings.

We Are Partners

We consider ourselves your partners in digital marketing. We are here to help in any way. We not just a service our clients are like family.

Brand Building

We are experts in building your online brand. A recognized brand brings in more customers over time and better search engine results.

Fantastic ROI

You will not find a better return on investment for your business. We provide a constant stream of revenue for your business at a low cost per customer basis.

Exclusive Lead Generation

We know how to generate calls to your business. Our lead generation services are exclusive to your area only. Call us to inquire about locking up your area.

Cutting Edge

Our team is always on the cutting edge of the latest digital marketing strategies. We belong to some of the top mastermind groups in the country.

Traffic Domination Strategies

By approval only. Traffic domination is a strategy designed to totally dominate your market. It is designed for companies who can accommodate a large amount of leads.

What Our Clients Think!

  • The Verticaleads team does a fantastic job from start to finish. When you work in global SEO it is important to have strategic partners that can execute with the same high quality visions, and that is what Verticaleads was able to deliver on.

    Jed Hunt
    designer & artist
  • Dolor et nisl tellus. Etiam facilisis eu nisi scelerisque faucibus. Proin semper suscipit magna, nec imperdiet lacus semper vitae. Sed hendrerit enim non justo posuere placerat. Phasellus eget purus vel mauris.

    Andrew Lee

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Cleveland Business Owners Are Your Ready to Build Your Business with Search Engine Optimization?

We offer the most advanced SEO services available today. We tend to shut down often so, please fill out our Introduction form so, can get an idea of where we can take your business growth. We offer some of the most effective digital marketing services available. We can bring your business back from the dead! Learn how we build the trust & domain authority of your website which crushes your competitors. Fill out our Introduction form.


Knowledge+Testing+Strategy+Results=$$$ – Learn How We Send You A Limitless Amount of New Customers To Your Business Every Month!

With all the new customers we can generate for your business their is no need to place your marketing efforts anywhere else. Our services are hands-free we send you detailed monthly reports and offer monthly conference calls to keep you up to date. Your best asset is a well-trained staff that knows how to convert hot targeted leads into customers we do the rest. We consider ourselves an elite Cleveland SEO company based on the results we have achieved we now screen all new partners for our exclusive SEO and lead gen services. We work with partners all over but, Cleveland, Ohio is where the heart is and i love helping small business owners in the city i was born & raised.


Network Brand Building 101

We build a massively complex network of authoritative web properties around your brand. This, in turn, creates trust and authority in your niche. Google then decides you are the top dawg and they rank you appropriately but, we are not done yet we then juice everything up to make you completely dominate your industry for search marketing. In essence, we are combining authority, branding, and domination in one. What this means is $$$ for your business that’s the bottom line. We create cash for your business and we do it month after month.


Why We Thrive with Digital Marketing in Cleveland

The truth is that SEO is not something you can learn the intricate details in from school it is a constantly changing industry. We thrive on knowing what the core factors are that affect your search rankings. We are connected with some of the top heavyweights in the industry which has enabled us to stay ahead of any upcoming updates and make adjustments. Our whole concept revolves around testing and developing hardcore strategies that put us ahead of the curve. We have hundreds of  different search engine optimization tests we have researched over the years. We combine and optimize strategies to significantly boost results backed up by hardcore data. We are not simply guessing we absolutely know what must be done in every situation.


The Future of Online Internet Marketing

Your brand, reputation, authority and dominance in your field will help you achieve the most optimal results that is where we are headed. Industry changes are happening right now that will shock the SEO agency industry we are already way ahead of our competitors leading the way with the changes that are coming. All the hype that most companies run on is going away the days of ranking on the first page of Google and building backlinks will cease to exist coming very soon. If your company is not positioned properly with the new web you risk recreating your whole brand or having lifetime penalties to your existing website if the company you are working with is not up to date on the correct way to build your brand. My name is Jason Howard i am the lead consultant at Verticaleads Marketing Solutions. If your company is looking for long term results with your brand we have the right approach that gets results. We are offering free introduction sessions to discuss the new changes coming in the next few years we would like to inform on why you must position yourself now.

We are a no fluff company we focus on getting great results for our clients. A lot of SEO companies have taken business owners money and ran without doing much for them or promising unrealistic results. I consider myself and small staff a one man gang we have a hands-on approach to search marketing and that is where most companies fail by hiring overseas companies to do the  work for their clients. The problem occurs when Google makes updates that leave them clueless and their clients hanging out to dry. Our approach allows us to go over every detail when developing a marketing approach for our clients. Our goal is to completely dominate your market and our process has proven that over and over.

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