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Customer Growth

Our services increase your customer base significantly. New customers are the lifeblood of any business. We use the latest cutting edge strategies to drive traffic to your business.

No Contracts

Pay as you go is our motto. We offer performance based services their is no need for contracts.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is our expertise. We know how to rank in the Google snack pack and dominate organic search engine rankings.

We Are Partners

We consider ourselves your partners in digital marketing. We are here to help in any way. We not just a service our clients are like family.

Brand Building

We are experts in building your online brand. A recognized brand brings in more customers over time and better search engine results.

Fantastic ROI

You will not find a better return on investment for your business. We provide a constant stream of revenue for your business at a low cost per customer basis.

Exclusive Lead Generation

We know how to generate calls to your business. Our lead generation services are exclusive to your area only. Call us to inquire about locking up your area.

Cutting Edge

Our team is always on the cutting edge of the latest digital marketing strategies. We belong to some of the top mastermind groups in the country.

Traffic Domination Strategies

By approval only. Traffic domination is a strategy designed to totally dominate your market. It is designed for companies who can accommodate a large amount of leads.

What Our Clients Think!

  • The Verticaleads team does a fantastic job from start to finish. When you work in global SEO it is important to have strategic partners that can execute with the same high quality visions, and that is what Verticaleads was able to deliver on.

    Jed Hunt
    designer & artist
  • Dolor et nisl tellus. Etiam facilisis eu nisi scelerisque faucibus. Proin semper suscipit magna, nec imperdiet lacus semper vitae. Sed hendrerit enim non justo posuere placerat. Phasellus eget purus vel mauris.

    Andrew Lee

Partner With the Authority in Digital Marketing

It’s time to dominate your competition

Welcome to Verticaleads,

My name is Jason Howard and I have ranked hundreds of keywords #1 on Google but, does that really matter today. I am a local marketing expert i help businesses dominate their competition online. We have changed our focus to a performance based model we base our results on increasing your revenues and expanding your customer base.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to generate ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients. We work with small to medium sized business owners nationwide. The strategies we use our designed to help you get the most value out of your marketing budget. Our methods combine authority, brand recognition, crowd marketing (social media) and reputation all in one. You should be wary of any SEO company that is still shouting about ranking you on page one. Search Engine Optimization has become a lot more sophisticated over the last few years and we have taken steps to constantly stay ahead of the curve and deliver quality traffic and ROI to our clients.

We never settle on just one method the digital marketing world is a constantly changing industry we adapt and change to what is currently happening. Marketing companies who use the same strategies over and over again are likely to be penalized for over optimization. We base our service on performance no contracts are required only a contractual agreement between both parties. Excellent results speak for themselves we believe in showing our clients a positive return on investment and using that as a vehicle for future success and a longstanding relationship.

Your Online Reputation Counts

As a local SEO specialist i have the ability to place your business in a unique position to dominate your competitors online which leads to a massive increase in calls & conversions for any business that takes advantage of our advanced marketing services. Your reputation online has become even more important then your rankings online. If a customer finds you #1 on Google and then proceeds to read bad reviews about you all of your hard work can be ruined with one bad review. Your customers love good reviews it basically seals the deal for your business to retain the customer. If you have bad reviews you put yourself in negative position to retain that customer and most likely they will move on to a competitor with better reviews.

Brand Validation

Validating your brand is essential. In the not to distant future all businesses will need to build their online properties out in a specific way in order to retain business from the internet. The introduction of the semantic web will introduce a new format of online searching that will change the entire industry. Every industry will be required to build an evergreen network of branded websites. We have partnered with some amazing people in this industry this has allowed us to develop new strategies based on the semantic web very few digital marketing companies are prepared for the transition. Positioning your business early is the key to substantial growth & profits in the future.

4 R’s That Are Proven To Grow Your Business

We Use A Lead Generation Strategy That Is Proven to Work. 4 Keys to Double Digit Growth For Your Business.The pyramid represents 4 areas that you must excel in that will guarantee massive growth for you business. If you excel in any one area your business will grow by 25% or more.

  • REPUTATION – It all starts with your reputation. Our reputation marketing strategies make sure you are one of the most reputable companies in your local area. Reputation provides the much needed edge in converting over potential customers to believers in your services. Good reviews spread across all the major directories online like Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Bing & more provide you with a fail-safe method of making sure a customer goes with you and not a competitor.


  • REACH – More people need to know about your business today then they did yesterday. This is achieved by having top ranked keywords on Google for your business niche. Reach can also, include many other marketing areas besides Google. Our lead generation strategies revolve around dominating Google for the top keywords related to your business such as “dentist in boston”, “roofing companies in cleveland” and “personal trainers boston” we always research your market thoroughly for the most competitive keywords.


  • RESELL – Once you actually land a customer you want to keep that customer you need to make sure you maximize the lifetime value or LTV of every customer. The way to do this is to increase the dollar value of each transaction with a customer through upsells, cross-sells, add-on services or increasing the frequency of their visit. Their are many cost effective ways that this can be accomplished.


  • REFERRAL – Referrals are great you must have a system in place to have your favorite customers tell their friends and family about you. When people are talking about you in a good way that’s a great thing for your business.

Great Return on Investment

With our services the typical business receives 5-50 extra calls a week for new business along with a 20% to 30% increase in revenues. If you are looking to expand or maintain your business digital marketing is something you must do.

My Guarantee!

Our strategies our light years ahead of our competitors i guarantee that your business can exceed your expectations in growth by using the 4 R’s principles we implement for business owners. Our online domination strategies are designed for our clients to take command of their market. Our strategies have proven over and over to survive any Google updates or any other changes that may happen in the future. Are you ready to get started today?

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In as little as one week we can have new customers calling your business!

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